Le Superbe

brand: Le Superbe
Van Gogh Leopard

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Шелк с примесью. Только химчистка. Застежка на пуговицу спереди. Манжеты с пуговицами. Нагрудный карман. № модели Revolve LSPB-WS12. № модели производителя PS20-142PL.

  • На модели надет размер 4.
  • Размеры модели: Рост 5'9", Талия 24", Обхват груди 32", Бёдра 34"
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Le Superbe is a Los Angeles fashion brand that stays true to its California roots, while at the same time unleashing a personal flair. It's Ready-to-Wear sprinkled with subliminal seeds of the surf culture along the sandy beaches of Southern California. The must-have pieces change with the seasons but stay true to a stylistic freedom that embraces an effortless mix of new and vintage, high and low. Operating on instinct and impeccable taste, the Los Angeles designers draw inspiration from the streets of Hollywood, all the way to Venice Beach to Malibu. The goal is always a fabulous stylist rack of must-have items.