Mia Marcelle

Mia Marcelle
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  • 72% переработанный полиамид, 28% эластан
  • Ручная стирка в холодной воде
  • Стретч
  • Side and back ladder cut-outs
  • Акцент на бусинах
  • № модели Revolve MIMA-WX53
  • № модели производителя WOP034STP

Mia Marcelle swimwear is designed to reflect the lifestyle of California, with all its elegance, beauty, sensual nature and free spirited, yet focused demeanor. Designed in Napa Valley and made in the USA, each collection showcases luxurious fabrics, sophisticated styles and meticulous design. The handcrafted suits exude a sensual aura with classic appeal, made to enhance a woman's pure femininity and natural beauty. Mia Marcelle is perfect for any woman who has an appreciation for the finer things in life.